Soft Boxes
I was building all this stuff when I started Mechanical Engineering and always taking pictures for documentation. The photos were always disappointing considering how much time I spent on each project and that it was the only piece of documentation I would keep (some of the pieces I still keep around as junk). I started reading up product photography and how to take good pictures of objects and since I become obsessive about anything art or tech related I decided to go ahead and build these giant soft boxes. Soft boxes are meant to diffuse light and are used in product photography a lot to illuminate object evenly They smooth out surfaces and de-emphasize lines so they’re also good for shooting people with bad skin (eewwww!). By overexposing you can create that professional look of an all white background. I think this project is what got me thinking seriously about photography.

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  1. Donna-Michelle

    I have also just gone into commercial product photography and have found that most of the light boxes on the market give limited results, I have found with the correct lighting and a decent backdrop and by over exposing your shot you can get a perfect result that my customers are happy with. You have some good images above. Have you tried 360 degree photography, now that is a challenge !! We have made up a rig including a lazy susan (two circular pieces of wood connected via a roller bearing) With a Large 3m Diameter sheet of pure white perspex on top. We have marked out the edge of the perspex every 20 degree sections, so that when we rotate it each time and take a shot we end up with 18 shots of the product. We then import the 18 images into Macromeadia flash to produce a small video gif that displays the image in 360 degrees.
    Interesting stuff this photography !!!

    Jun 15, 2010 @ 3:47 am


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