DOF Adapter

I built a depth of field (DOF) adapter. In most consumer digital cameras the sensor size is smaller than in film cameras. The light in film camera gets projected onto usually a 35mm film. Since the sensor in digital cameras is smaller it makes it harder to create depth of field. Depth of field denotes […]

Bali Paintings

In January of 2008 I spent a week in Bali. After talking to some local artists, they agreed to give me some painting lessons. For a whole week straight all I did was paint. Get up at 9AM, spent half the day painting alongside Made Jelih, then spent the other half of the day painting […]

Soft Boxes

I was building all this stuff when I started Mechanical Engineering and always taking pictures for documentation. The photos were always disappointing considering how much time I spent on each project and that it was the only piece of documentation I would keep (some of the pieces I still keep around as junk). I started […]

Tie Chairs

When Ben and I first moved into Studio C3 on a cold December in 2005 we inherited these awful looking green wicker chairs from his mom. We also inherited an equally awful looking and equally green carpet to match. We decided to give the chairs a redesign. We bought a lot of vintage retro ties […]

Paper Bike

This project was a class assignment to design a paper bike. We were asked to build a bike out of paper, where a bike is defined as anything on wheels able to transport a person. I admit our bike ended up looking more like a car and and the definition of paper was stretched to […]

Self Portrait

I made this self-portrait. I suppose I was really angry. One light source from below. Oil paint sticks on paper. Black and white. 30.5×44″.

DNA Crew

It was at the age of fifteen when the media first took notice of me. A modest article was written in my hometown’s local newspaper in the crime section titled ‘Graffiti Artist Arrested’. I was disappointed that the article was small and the review did not touch upon the meaning or subtle nuances of the art […]