Paper Bike
This project was a class assignment to design a paper bike. We were asked to build a bike out of paper, where a bike is defined as anything on wheels able to transport a person. I admit our bike ended up looking more like a car and and the definition of paper was stretched to cardboard. Points were inversely proportional to the weight of the bike, and a big penalty was given proportional to the weight of non-paper materials used. Some design highlights: Entirely made out of cardboard, save for some glue and some sheets of aluminum foil to act as bearings for the wheels. Wheels are made using Honeycomb principle to create lightweight but strong wheels. Custom made encoder to measure distance traveled. 7 x 9 LED grid user interface. Motorola mc9s12c32 was used as a microprocessor Paper bike was done in collaboration with Melissa Clapper and Matt Kweder.


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