DOF Adapter
I built a depth of field (DOF) adapter. In most consumer digital cameras the sensor size is smaller than in film cameras. The light in film camera gets projected onto usually a 35mm film. Since the sensor in digital cameras is smaller it makes it harder to create depth of field. Depth of field denotes the portion of the image that is in focus and appears sharp on the screen. Having a shallow depth of field refers to having only a small portion of the image being sharp (usually the subject of the photo) and everything else such as the background blurred out. Inside this DOF adaptor is a focusing screen that is as big as 35mm film. This is where the magic happens. The light projects onto this screen and the screen is what the camera sees. But since the light now effectively falls onto a bigger area it is easier to create shallow depth of field. I used Canon extension tubes so I can attach all my Canon lenses in front of any video camera.

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  1. Alwin


    Jan 24, 2010 @ 11:40 pm


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